Pencast Introduction! (pt. 1)


So I discovered something new recently. I have this fancy schmancy new-fangled technology called a Livescribe Pen. What this pen does is transport my notes from special “dot paper” to Evernote through Wifi, where I can then have my physical notes in digital form. I can also record audio while taking notes and they will sync to each other.

I had the BRILLIANT idea to use this to express myself in a new way on my blog. Apparently that’s not a new thing for Livescribe pen users because this type of thing is called a Pencast. It’s essentially a podcast for your pen strokes. Which is pretty cool since I’m not extremely video-friendly.

My very first Pencast is a test. You can watch me grow and get better with them through time! This one is an introduction to myself in a scientific context. Below, you will find photographs of animals I’ve referenced in the pencast. Note: clicking on the image below will open a new window where you can view the pencast.

Science Megan Pencast

Ignoring my beginner status, isn’t that some cool technology? If you think so and want to get your own Livescribe pen, CLICK HERE to go to their website. By clicking on this referral link, you get 15% off any smartpen! Whoaaaa! Also I get a $15 Amazon gift card, which I promise I will use to support either my research or business


Bryozoans on Barnacles

Bryozoans on Barnacles

Thesis project slug: Corambe obscura

Thesis project slug: Corambe obscura

NRCC Cuttlefish

NRCC Cuttlefish


2 thoughts on “Pencast Introduction! (pt. 1)

    • What’s great is that you can print the dot paper at home! You have to make sure the pen recognizes it, but it’s cheaper than buying the official notebooks. I would imagine that laserjet printers will print the dot paper better than inkjet.



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