Starting Up

I’m attempting to start my own business and it is right on the edge of moving from concept to start-up.

It has been difficult. As someone who recently graduated and has been unemployed (full-time-wise) for a little while now, I have had, and still am having, a hard time getting it up and going. I have little savings and am not eligible for traditional financing. I’m not setting it up as a non-profit, so grant-money is difficult to find. As a result, I’ve been focusing on what I can do with what I have while applying for grants and fellowships I’m eligible for.

But I want to start right now! So bad!

So here’s my business in a nutshell:

Name: Marine Science for Maine Citizens

URL: (the website is in its infant stages…advice welcome!)


  1. Tours of Maine’s unique rocky shoreline and tidepools – learn about the Gulf of Maine and take photos using portable, digital microscopes of tiny animals!
  2. Classes on scientific method, art in science, scientific writing, using free data software, etc.
  3. Co-working laboratory space for marine researchers and citizen scientists

The goal is to make science more accessible and use the Gulf of Maine, which is a local resource for many people, as a learning venue. It’s important for people to know how science is involved in such a resource and therefor, their everyday lives.

Where am I at now?

Everyone I’ve talked to seems to be very excited about the prospect of such a business.

I recently won $500 through a small business contest and will be using that money to purchase portable digital microscopes like the one I already own.

That means I’ll be able to start tours in May!

It’s going to take a while to get the laboratory/research part up and running. I need microscopes and light sources, tanks and all the trimmings (chillers, filters, etc.), calipers, refractometers and/or a YSI sounde, and many other marine science-y things. I want to do all of this now! Now! But then again, it’s STILL cold outside.

Researchers/citizen scientists may also contact me at the CONTACT link above if interested in renting lab space for research!

If this business venture sounds cool and you would like to donate, please click below. I’m also open to equipment donations. Please be advised that this is not a 501(3)(c) and your donation is not tax-deductible. However, think of it as an investment!

Donate Button


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